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3 Seconds Hot Water Dispenser*

Original price was: R2,699.00.Current price is: R2,400.00.

3 Seconds Instant Hot Water Supply
This product uses SEERS core Nano hydro isolation water heating technology. Instant preboil water is continuously available within 2-5 seconds as and when is required.

Innovation Technology, Safe to drink
Thorough sterilization during instantaneous heating process, this product overcome traditional water dispensers disadvantages such as low temperature, reboiling, furring and other impurities metal particles.

Health, Safety, Energy Saving and Eco Friendly
All components in this product is complied to relevant country drinking water health and safety standard. The power consumption saving is approximately 98% for standby state and 50% energy saving compares with other traditional dispenser for keeping warm state.

* Plug & Play